17th October 2007 at 05:46:45 pm

The General Mumbo

Andrew is currently attending Dixie State College of Utah (Go Rebels!), and can’t wait to get out, even though he just barely got in.
He hates homework, and is always staying up much longer than is healthy.

“Fun” facts:

  • Adm.Wiggin, Tianon, and Andrew are all the exact same individual.
  • Three words: Addicted to IRC.
  • Three more: No Acceptable Client



Mom and dad gave him this when he was born. For some reason, it stuck.


This nickname obviously comes from Orson Scott Card’s book, Ender’s Game.
Tianon’s choice of ‘Adm.Wiggin’ as a handle came on the very first day he got on Starcraft’s Battle.net. He was forced to choose a Nickname, and didn’t know what to choose. He sat for quite some time, debating in his head, and then remembered his most favorite book/series at the time, Ender’s Game. “But,” he thought, “just plain Ender is overused. How to spice this up?” Thus was The Admiral born.


The origins of the name Tianon are extremely personal and sacred.
The open-minded may wish to view The Draconity FAQ (in case Baxil is having server issues again, the google cache version)

Author Bio: Tianon Gravi

Tianon is a programmer for a respectable software company.

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