Violent Dawn

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My mother shared this snippet with me recently. It was written by Brad Barber about the band him and my father were in, and I liked it so much I wanted to share.

Violent Dawn (VD) emerged onto the rock and roll scene in 1968 with its debut performance of an original tune “Way Down Upon a Lonely Trail” at the Centerville 5th Ward Spring Sing. Original band members Kerry Fowler (Rhythm guitar), Stan Page (Lead Guitar), Richard (Dick) Goudy (Bass Guitar), Gordon Flanders (Drums) and Brad Barber (Keyboards/Lead Vocals). Throughout the ensuing years, VD experienced wild fluctuations in popularity in the Northern Utah, Southern Idaho and South West Wyoming regions. Key performance venues included such well known hot spots as Rupert Idaho, Kemmerer Wyoming, an impromptu concert in Evanston Wyoming and sundry and various locations in the greater Salt Lake City/Bountiful/Centerville area, including their home studio in the old White Church. One of the most popular, and well remembered venues was the “East Patio” in Centerville, where the band played numerous performances to their delight of the local fans. (And sometimes to the chagrin of the local adults).

The band performed numerous well known covers including the oft requested Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida, Little Black Egg, For Your Love, and It Came Out of the Sky. Their repertoire included music from a diverse array of bands including: Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, Iron Butterfly, The Monkees, The Guess Who, The Who, Cream, The Doobie Brothers and many others.

Lead Guitarist Stan Page began his guitar career as do many with a Christmas gift of a fine Gibson electric six string, of which he was very proud. It wasn’t long before the simple lessons of Mary Had a Little Lamb were left behind for the cool and soothing lead riffs of such hits as Black Magic Woman and the impressive guitar solo in Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida. Stan’s love of the musical talents of Crosby Stills Nash and Young, the Beatles, (jointly and individually), and other super groups always kept the band stretching for new sounds and capabilities.

Rhythm guitarist Kerry Fowler was the maturity and strength of the band with his solid accompaniment and back up of any type of sound the band required. His Fender Stratocaster kept the band flowing and was always a favorite of the fans. His easy going attitude and unwavering dedication to the band were a solid strength through the years.

Richard (Dick) Goudy was solid on the bass guitar, to the point that in the early years, his guttural bass lines could be pulled from the simplest of instruments, and often was. Plus his vocal and harmonies were a staple on many of the bands numbers from the beginning. His cool demeanor and good looks were a solid draw for the band’s female followers.

Drummer Gordon Flanders, though he would never admit it masterfully laid down the percussion for the band in all it’s variety of sounds including his flawless performances of the famous Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida drum solo. Always a crowd pleaser. Gordon could always be counted on to be a guiding light to the group and was the main provider of transportation with his stylish van, affectingly named “The Pimp Van”.

Brad Barber, Keyboards and lead vocals, was the youngest of the group, a mere 12 years old when the band first performed. His attack of the ivories and vocal prowess lent to great capabilities and range in various music genres. Barber also went on to play with the very popular Velvet Shade in the mid 70’s, though his music career closed abruptly in 1974, prior to leaving the country in 1975 for a two year religious experience abroad.

VD slowly faded as the band grew older, though they were known to get together and jam occasionally as late as 1974, but never achieved the level of popularity and preciseness of their earlier years. Sadly, due to the lack of viable technology at the time, as well as funds, there only exists one very rough recording of the band, made on a home recorder at an impromptu jam session sometime in the very early 70’s.

(left to right) Brad, Kerry, Stan - 3/4 of Violent Dawn (one of the few remaining photographs of the group that aren't "in 45 yr old girly scrapbooks somewhere")


Which fantasy writer are you?

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Your result for Which fantasy writer are you?…

Mary Gentle (b. 1956)

5 High-Brow, 11 Violent, 3 Experimental and 11 Cynical!

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Major Changes

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Roughly two and a half months ago, a major shift in my life and social habits occurred.

I, Tianon, got myself a girlfriend.

She’s amazing, and I wouldn’t trade my relationship with her for anything in the world. :)

However, she is exponentially more interesting than a computer. This leads to less time spent turning yellow in front of a computer screen, and more time spent away, in the real world. A place scary, and filled with real people. Frightening just to think about.

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My good friend PixelFish linked to this quiz on her livejournal, and apparently, I’ve got high probability of Asperger syndrome.
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