The Golden Compass (review)

20th December 2007 at 10:04:52 pm 1 comment

I have finally seen the film for myself, and I must say, bra-vo.

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The Golden Compass

3rd December 2007 at 12:34:12 am 3 comments

I have noticed lately on Facebook a surge of groups professing that “The Golden Compass” is an anti-Christian film.
I have this theory that more than half of the members of these groups have no idea that the film has been a book for a long time now, and I bet that half more of those left have never read it. This band wagoning disgusts me.
Some people see the words “anti-Christian,” and they’ll believe or do anything, claiming some kind of persecution or devil worship. As for myself, I have read “The Golden Compass,” and it was certainly not anti-Christian. Anyone who believes as such is so weak in their own beliefs that they probably don’t believe in the first place.

This book/series was an absolutely beautiful testament to the one constant in this whole shit-faced world: Love. Yes, I’m going to spoil the series by telling you it’s not about some damn anti-Christian plot, but is really a fantastic and gripping love story. It is the story of two people who lose themselves to find each other. It has all the elements that make a fantastic story: action, adventure, mystery, romance, and most importantly, plot.
Anyone who believes their beliefs are being attacked by a fantasy story never had solid beliefs to begin with and should leave the rest of us way the hell alone.
I can understand if someone has read the story, and didn’t like it, but pinning your dislike on something as childish and unfounded as anti-Christian is just spineless.

“The Golden Compass” was a fantastic novel, and if I could, I would be there this Friday right when the film opens.

Personally, I believe an open mind is the key to success in this world, and the sooner people realize that, the sooner we can move on as a species. Free your mind.