My Brain Be Slippin’!

21st October 2007 at 08:01:22 am

Yeargh, my brain be slippin’ away! I slept until 6pm yesterday (Sat.), and I’m still cooking at 8am. Wheeeee.

In other (more important) news, I’ve been working on this theme for hours. I kind of like it now, even though it still needs some work. Had to format a lot of the code, because the original author didn’t believe in proper whitespace (it was all over the place!), but it sure is nice now. What this means in English is that, unfortunately, most of my changes can’t easily be seen by anyone but me.
Also, adding icons from the Silk set at FAMFAMFAM (see page footer) really helped promote the “soft” feel I was looking for.

Let me know what you think!

(In case you were wondering, I re-enabled guest posting… I’ll only axe it if it becomes a problem. Also, for some reason, posts are moderated, which I kind of like, but is annoying for you. Sorry ’bout that.)

UPDATE: if I approve your comment once, you’re good to go. (Might require a username… Pixelfish seems to be having no trouble at all.)
Also, I’ve disabled the little “feature” where a linking blog gets linked back, because I think it’s kind of silly, and always found those comments on other blogs to be irritating. If anyone is just DYING to have them back, talk to me, and we’ll work this out. ;)

Author Bio: Admiral Wiggin


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4 comments :D

  • 1) Telroth commented 21st October 2007 at 01:28:49 pm:

    Nice theme!

  • 2) Tianon commented 21st October 2007 at 01:40:33 pm:

    Why thank you! I work hard long time time. ;)

  • 3) PixelFish commented 21st October 2007 at 02:08:36 pm:

    re: Your bio-

    Out of curiosity, why Texas?

    Try Austin. Dallas sucks. I got threatened with the police when I was taking photographs downtown. Austin has some cool game and programming companies and is fairly nice, I hear.

  • 4) Tianon commented 21st October 2007 at 02:18:39 pm:

    Well, partly because it’s a good healthy distance away from ye-olde-Utah, partly because I like Texas (nice big size, good weather, etc.), and partly because I’ve got a friend down there I’d like to spend some decent amount of time with.

    You could call it a fresh start, of sorts.

    Concerning Austin: it’s too big. Apparently, class sizes can be over 600 students, and I’m not even into game programming. (didn’t your father tell you how I fared with WoW? yeah, we played and had some good times, but it just got too boring after a while) :P

    Why would the police threaten you for taking photographs, though? That doesn’t make any sense, unless they’re hiding something… b.b d.d